Ian Rhett

Skills :

Can offer agency business operations advice/support, any kind of business modeling, professional development, team management/personnel management mentorship, marketing, entrepreneur mentorship.  

Projects I'm currently working on:

TheSixWeek Challenge - a six week health and wellness challenge for groups: families, friends, and co-workers.

The Balance Score - giving presentations about "the Balance Score" - a business metric similar to the Net Promoter Score. Where the NPS measures customer loyalty, the Balance Score tracks employee holistic wellness.

Experience :

Been leading Internet-based agencies and teams since 1995, when I was Online Director for the first music festival live on the Internet in 1995 (The New York Music Festival). Over my nearly 3 decades of building things on the web, I've worked in startup garages, at Apple, Razorfish, CivicActions, and have served a long list of world-class clients with innovative solutions. 

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